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Lordstone Executive Research is an international consultancy providing recruitment research and talent pipeline sourcing services exclusively to the executive search and recruitment industries.


Are you in need of name generation or candidate sourcing services for your

search assignment or talent pipeline? 

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We support large, multinational executive search firms and corporate talent acquisition departments by augmenting their existing research capabilities in certain industry sectors or geographical areas of the world.  We also support small, independent executive search firms and small to medium sized corporate HR departments by helping them develop a talent pipeline of passively sourced candidates.


We focus our recruitment research efforts at middle to senior executive levels throughout a variety of industry sectors and functions.  Our executive search research practice is global in nature, aimed at serving clients throughout The United States and Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, Africa and South & Central America.


We welcome you to our website.  For more information, please request a brochure or to speak with our leadership, please call us toll free at

(888) 727-2010 or (239) 344-9514.



Contract recruitment research for

executive search firms and corporate talent acquisition & HR departments:


Target List Research

Name Generation

Organizational Mapping

Candidate Sourcing & Development



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